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7 amazing destination cities for digital nomads


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As a digital nomad, you have the luxury to work from anywhere in the world. The only things you need are a laptop and an Internet connection. Pure Freedom I call it! Being a digital nomad means you have a wide choice of destinations. As a result, it can be difficult to choose the right city to live in.

Here are seven awesome cities for Digital Nomads.

Berlin - The Ultimate Digital Nomad's Playground & Most Exciting Nightlife!

Berlin, Germany, is one of the most popular european cities for digital nomads. In fact, it is the home of thousands of digital nomads. The first CTO of PayFacile lived there at the time.

The nightlife has no comparison in the World and the art scene is buzzing. Berliners are friendly and laid-back, and the city is full of cool cafes, and cool co-working spaces where digital nomads can work in.

The cost of living is relatively lowpublic transports are germanly good! You will find plenty of parks and green spaces to relax in.

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Chiang Mai: Where Asian Culture and Digital Nomads Meet!

Asia is full of cities for digital nomads. Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a perfect example. The cost of living is quite low and the climate is mild, making it an ideal place to live.

Chiang Mai is a great city for exploring, with its ancient temples, and bustling marketsIt’s a relaxing city and you can easily move around. You can find plenty of activities to do, from exploring the mountains and jungles to visiting the night bazaars.

The city is also known for its amazing food, with a variety of traditional dishes.

There are plenty of coworking spaces in the city center for digital nomads to work in.

Bali: The Perfect Destination City for Digital Nomads Seeking an Unforgettable Adventure!

Bali, Indonesia, is another great option among cities for digital nomads. The cost of living is affordable but a little bit over Chang Mai.

The climate is tropical, making it a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Bali is a paradise for beach lovers, with its stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters.

The city is full of vibrant markets, temples, art galleries, and coworking spaces where digital nomads meet and connect.

Nightlife in Kuta is full of binge drinkers but you can find cool bars. Traditional Balinese dishes are amazing and you can find any international cuisine.

Explore Lisbon's fun beachside vibes - my personal favorite city for digital nomads!

Lisbon, Portugal, is my number one option among cities for digital nomads in Europe! It is a great mix of old and new.

The food is amazing and cheap. You'll have no trouble finding affordable accommodation, so you won't break the bank living there.

The ocean is nearby and the bay is beautiful. But Lisbon is my favorite because of the climate and the beach life is offers.

It is also very international so you will have no problem speaking English only. A little bit of Portuguese is always a plus ;)

Experience the Heart of Colombia: Explore Medellin and its Digital Nomad Community

Medellin, the most famous city in Colombia! It is one of the most original cities for digital nomads. I have never been there but many digital nomad friends call it home.

It is culturally exciting, climate is amazing, and cost of living is low. Despite its reputation, the city is very safe and has excellent public transportation.

There are many coworking spaces, cafes, and restaurants, making it easy to find a place to work or manage your business remotely.

Nightlife is crazy from what I heard… The digital nomad community is strong in Medellin.

Explore Prague, the Digital Nomad's Dream Destination!

Back to the cities for digital nomads in Europe: Prague, Czech Republic. This is one of the best European cities for digital nomads.

The cost of living is affordable and it has a unique atmosphere with many attractions to explore, from churches and castles to art galleries and museums. You can find a variety of delicious food, from traditional Czech dishes to international cuisine.

Architecture is stunning, from the old town to the castle. The nightlife is vibrant, with plenty of bars and clubs.

There are plenty of coworking spaces available, making it easy to stay connected with other digital nomads.

Experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and make it your digital nomad paradise!

Finally, Bangkok, busy Bangkok. If you want to experience South East Asia, it’s a must go!

Food, culture, spa, bars and clubs, it’s got it all! The city is full of backpackers, digital nomads and tourists.

If you decide to call it home for a while, grab the opportunity to go to the beach for the weekend. A night train to the south and you will spend Saturday and Sunday in Koh Tao.

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Your choice of destination is a major factor in finding your balance as a digital nomad. Overall, there are many great cities for digital nomads. Whether you want to explore culture, relax in the sun, or stay connected with other digital nomads, there’s a city that’s right for you.

With affordable costs of living, mild climates, and plenty of cultural attractions, these seven awesome cities are sure to provide everything you need.