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Acquisition and Leaky Bucket: Customer Loyalty is Key


Reading time: 3 minutes

Everyone is obsessed with customer acquisition strategies, but as Oussama Amar wisely pointed out: what's the point of struggling to fill a bucket with holes in it? Here, I want to talk about something that's particularly important to me: keeping customers over the long term. Yes, customer loyalty, or in business language, "Customer Retention".

Know your customers like the back of your hand

Learn constantly: Your customers' needs evolve. Stay connected to their changes, adapt, and always listen.

Personalization at the heart of the Experience: Every customer is unique. Create a tailor-made experience for each one. Use data to refine their path through your e-commerce platform or your website.

Anticipate needs: Don't wait for a problem to arise or a need to be expressed. Anticipate by always being two steps ahead.

The Feedback Loop: Listen to, value and act on your customers' feedback. Their opinions are invaluable for improving and fine-tuning your service.

Keep these ideas in mind, and customer loyalty won't be a challenge, but second nature.

Quality before Quantity

The impact of Quality Content: It's not just about mass production. Relevant, well-thought-out content grabs attention, solves problems and establishes your authority.

Usefulness comes first: Your customers/members are there for a reason. Meet their needs. Useful content is content that adds value to their daily lives.

Consistency and relevance: Regularity is essential, but every piece of content must have a purpose. Make sure it always matches your audience's expectations.

Measure and Adjust: Use analytics to understand what resonates with your members. Adapt your strategy based on these insights.

Focus on quality, and your members will recognize and appreciate your commitment to their satisfaction.

Creating a smooth experience

Fluidity first: Every interaction counts. From login to navigation, everything must be intuitive. The slightest obstacle can be costly.

Speed and efficiency: Slow loading times? A real killer. Make sure everything is optimized to improve your website's loading speed to provide a fast experience.

Proactive support: Don't wait for them to come to you with a problem. Offer solutions before they even realize it.

Evolve with feedback: Every criticism is an opportunity for improvement. Be receptive and show that you act on feedback.

A flawless experience builds trust and customer loyalty.

Establishing an authentic relationship

Human connectivity: Beyond the platform, remind your members that there are real people behind what you offer. A simple gesture, a personalized word, creates a bond.

Regular interaction: Don't let the relationship go cold. Engage regularly, whether through emails, webinars or events.

Transparency: Be honest about your processes, your successes and even your failures. This creates a relationship based on trust.

Member value: Every member needs to feel valued. Rewards, mentions, or simply recognizing their loyalty.

The key? Sincerity. Loyal members are those who feel connected, valued and understood.

Adapt and evolve according to feedback

Active listening: Every comment, every criticism must be carefully considered. It's a goldmine of information for improvement.

Acting on feedback: Don't just listen. Show your members that their feedback is acted upon. This makes them feel valued.

Constant evolution: The market changes, expectations evolve. Always be ready to adjust your approach to these dynamics.

Responsive: Respond quickly to concerns and requests. A quick response can often defuse frustration and strengthen customer loyalty.

Challenging and evolving with your members not only guarantees their loyalty, but also positions your platform as leading, attentive and forward-thinking.


Maintaining your members over the long term is crucial to succeed in the subscription business. It is not a luxury, it's a vital necessity for the longevity of your business. At a time when we're constantly bombarded by a flood of marketing initiatives, it's customer loyalty that distinguishes an ephemeral business from a perennial brand.

  • Apply these tips,
  • listen carefully to your customers and members
  • and watch your community grow and flourish.

See you soon for a new episode in our series!