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We developped Payfacile with the objective of simplifying access to online payment and subscription management. This first video will present our vision, our team and how to use our app to develop your projects.

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How to test with fake payments?

Here we're going to see what you can do with Payfacile. You will be able to create product pages and make fake payments. Let us walk you through the main features of the app.

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How to switch to Live Mode and accept real payments?

Here we're going to show you how to activate your account. We made it super simple. There is no coding, no setup costs and no waiting time. You will be able to switch your account to Live Mode today and start accepting online payment immediately.

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  • helpHow does it work?
    Payfacile lets you create and custom secured payment pages. Share their link with your customer to get paid easily. You can also embed these pages in your website.
  • securityWhat about security?
    Transactions are processed and secured by our payment gateways. Our partners are all PCI DSS certified. Payfacile does not have access to any credit card information. All information exchanged through Payfacile are SSL / TLS 2048 bits encrypted.
  • attach_moneyHow much does it cost?
    The plan you choose defines the transaction fees billed by Payfacile. You can activate additional options : selling digital files and/or subscriptions. Payfacile pricing are additional to the gateway's fees. More details about our pricing on the Billing page.
  • refreshCan I sell subscription?
    Create a product page type 'subscription' in order to set up automatic debit with your customers. Many options are available to let you customize your subscription offers.
  • cloud_downloadCan I sell digital files?
    Create a product page type 'digital product' in order to sell digital files like e-books, music, videos, etc... (1) Upload the file you want to sell on our servers. (2) Your customer will receive the file's download link once his payment has been validated.
  • webDo I need a website?
    No. You do not need a website but if you have one you can embed Payfacile payment pages.

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