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New York, New York

NY Stellar Promotions is an entertainment company that does Pr & Advertising for independent artists. Our mission is to help every indy artist monetize their brand, go full-time in their career, and become real business owners. Besides artists we also cater to DJ's, Dancers, and Models. 

NYSP was founded by Michael Mattis in November of 2017. He is a 31 yrs old Entrepreneur who has 11 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, and currently runs a Social Media Agency. He never really had intentions going into the entertainment industry but he saw their was a void in the industry. Being the ambitious risk taker he is, he simply acted on his impulse and got down to business. One thing he notice immediately was that there was limited support for independent artists who wanted to grow their fan base online. 

The music industry has change dramatically to the point where many aspiring musicians don't have the Digital Marketing skills or the blueprint to build a successful Brand. In addition many new artist don't the team or systems in place to start making money and go full-time in the industry. They struggle with selling, branding, marketing, and social media overall. Being that there aren't many artist development programs available anymore, these aspects are crucial for all the new indy artists who don't have a manager & label backing them.  Seeing this void and having a passion for music he knew he had to do something to help every new & independent artists struggling to monetize their music and make a real living doing what they love. THUS, NYSP WAS BORN.